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Don't Ignore Water Damage In Your Home Or Commercial Property

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

A car drives through a water covered road in a rain storm. SERVPRO of Central Buffalo is available to provide water damage restoration and repair services. Cal us today to learn more.

Your basement may sustain water damage that can cause long-lasting problems. You may have been able clean up water damage from your commercial property or home over the winter. However, if moisture has made its way into your home during the warmer months, it is likely that you will experience mold problems. These problems can be avoided by using the right dehumidification equipment. Also, a structural review may be necessary to determine if water damage has caused any permanent damage.

Our experts are specialists in water damage restoration and repair. Based on the extent of damage done and potential future damage, we provide the best solutions for your property. Water damage restoration and repair of any property size is possible. We will provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget.

Water damage to property structures is a serious matter. Water rot can cause structural damage over time. The cost of fixing the problem once it has occurred is often more expensive than the initial repair. This is why we have a whole construction team available to help at any time. This allows us to be independent from other subcontractors and contractors, and allows us to offer competitive pricing for our guaranteed workmanship.

We can help if your property has been affected by water. For a free estimate, call us today.

Water Damage Clean Up and Repair in Buffalo New York

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Water is leaking on a black tile floor SERVPRO of Central Buffalo provides 24/7 Damage Repair Services When Water Damages Your Property, Call Us Anytime.

It's no surprise that SERVPRO is the industry leader in water damage restoration. Our decades-long experience and calculation are the foundation of our water damage restoration and repairs. We use the best technology to ensure that property and building materials are not damaged by water. We are always learning and training to make sure we do everything possible to quickly repair or restore property damaged by water.

There are many common disasters that cause water damage. Storms, flooding, and other natural disasters like floods can all happen year round and anywhere in the area. Your home may be damaged by flooding or a storm. This will result in mold growth and other kinds of property damage. Our project managers will be prompt and vigorous in preventing as much of the aftermath damage as possible.

Another source of water damage is from within the building, in the form leaking pipes, backups or other issues. The former will result in your property acquiring bacterial- and waste-filled water. This will require special attention when cleaning or removing saturated items. If there is a leak or burst pipe in your water supply, it is clean. We have the knowledge and equipment to help you avoid the need for unnecessary construction and material extraction.

We can quickly begin restoration services for your property if it has been damaged by water. We can work in conjunction with your insurance provider. As we restore your property to its preloss condition, we will keep you updated and communicate daily. We are close by and available 24-7.

Water Damage Restoration Buffalo New York

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee working on an AC unit. SERVPRO of Central Buffalo is available to help you if water damages your residential or commercial property, call us 24/7

In the Buffalo New York area we face extremely cold winters. We are used to fridge temperatures in the winter months and take pride in our ability to withstand what most would consider to be too cold!

But, with this cold weather comes the chance that water supply pipes can freeze and burst within your home or commercial property. This can be especially true when we have serval days and weeks in a row with below freezing temperatures.

When water supply lines freeze the ice inside expands until the pipe breaks. The water pressure behind the pipe will then dislodge the ice and water will spray or leak out uncontrolled. Many times pipes break at night when temperatures are at their coldest which then allows water to saturate the surrounding area.

We are available to respond to this type of damage 24/7. Once alerted to your problem a project manager will arrive to quickly asses the situation and being removing water from the property. The team will look to being the drying process as quickly as possible to give themselves the best chance of recovering as much of the property as possible.

If you experience water damage from a broken water supply pipe call us immediately, our disaster restoration team is available 24/7 to help you.